The Power of the Pellet

Clean. Fast. Safe.

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

It is the modern alternative to sandblasting, chemical cleaning, water blasting, manual scrubbing and scraping. it is also the most effective and efficient method of cleaning currently available. It's clean, fast and safe.


How Dry Ice Blasting Works

The process uses frigid temperature dry ice pellets (-78.5C or -109.3F) blasted at a high velocity through a nozzle using compressed air. The high impact and rapid transfer of heat into the pellet allow for the unwanted material to be removed easily and with little to no abrasion.

Almost instantaneously, the CO2 pellet changes from a solid to a harmless gas. This area of high pressure focused between the surface and the thermally fractured coating particles results in a very efficient lifting force to carry the unwanted particles away from the surface. Leaving behind a clean, like new surface and only the unwanted material to sweep up.

Dry ice blasting produces no secondary waste making it environmentally safe and eco-friendly. It's a used and approved cleaning medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA. In addition to being safe and non-toxic, it reduces or eliminates exposure to (and corporate liability from) the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents and solvents. Being made from reclaimed CO2 means it does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Amazing Results

  • Non-abrasive and safe to use on metal, rubber, hosing and electrical components making it ideal for numerous industries and projects.
  • World-class ColdJet blasting equipment is used for all projects.


  • Approved cleaning medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA.
  • Safe & non-toxic virtually eliminating the use of dangerous cleaning agents & solvents.
  • Harmful gases are kept out of the atmosphere.


  • Dry ice blasting produces no secondary waste, saving time and labor with minimal clean up and down time.
  • Blasting is typically faster than standard cleaning methods.

Dry Ice Blasting in Action